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June 21, 2007


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Since the Spring semester ended I’ve been really jammed and failed to keep my blog current.  For the time being, I’ll be using my blog to discuss movies.  I guess I’ve always been a closet critic.  Now is the time to come out and comment on whatever Hollywood has to offer.


April 25, 2007

The Original March Madness

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bball.gifMarch 20, 1897 the first five-man basketball team intercollegiate game was held at New Haven. Yale beat Penn 32-10. According to ivyleaguesports.com Yale’s basketball legacy is alive and well in the New England Basketball Hall of Fame.  Tony Lavelli is one of the all-time greats in Yale Basketball history. A 6-3 forward from Somerville, Mass., Lavelli scored 1,964 points in his four seasons, including 671 as a senior, leading Yale to the NCAA Tournament. He was named the National Player of the Year in 1949 and graduated as the fourth-highest scorer ever in major college basketball histoy. He was a four-time All-America selection and a first-round draft choice of the Boston Celtics. March madness has wandered a little from its Ivy League roots.  It traveled westward in New Haven to Southern Connecticut State University.  The women’s team recently won the 2007 Division II National Championship.

April 24, 2007

Architects and engineers unite

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ferris-wheel.gifThe erector set, a toy invented by a A. C. Gilbert in 1911, is still going strong today. You can still get a Ferris Wheel set that is based on A. C. Gilberts original design on the website Fat Brain Toys.  A. C. Gilbert’s manufactured the erector set until its demise as a company in 1967.  The toy is now distributed by NIKKO America; a company also known for their radio controlled cars and trucks.

April 23, 2007

Funky and fabulous

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wellies.gifHope you have your wellies on. According to the New Haven Register, last weekend’s Nor’easter pounded the East with almost eight inches of rain and high winds. This caused basements to flood and rivers to overflow. Who knew that New Haven’s L. Candee & Co.’s (the first boots and shoes to be made out of vulcanized rubber in 1843) would morph into the fashionably chic wellie.  Now you can be funky and fabulous while slogging through the flood waters.

April 19, 2007

Another kind of ice

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Ice Cube, rapper, director, film star.  He’s known for speaking his mind and taking on issues of racism in America. While his name is ice cold, his career is hot, hot, hot.  I love spy thrillers. I recently saw him in XXX: State of the Union with Samuel L. Jackson and Willem Dafoe and fell in love.  This rainy weather means trips to the video store for his other movies.  Salt, no butter on the popcorn please!

April 18, 2007

The ice man cometh…

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If you wanted to keep food cold prior to 1848, you had to hope that you still had ice cut from nearby lakes during the previous winter. Shipping perishable foods to other countries during the warm months was extremely difficult, if not impossible. Alexander Catlin Twining’s artificial ice-making machine made ice available year-round. Crown Street in New Haven is grateful for ol’ Alex’s invention. A number of clubs and bars line this street, making it easy for New Havenites to indulge in whatever they fancy. I fancy a Martini. Extra olives please!


April 17, 2007

Thank goodness for the corkscrew

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The corkscrew was invented in New Haven in the late 1800s.  Thank goodness.  As  I slog home every night after a hard day at work I pass the newly opened shop “The Wine Thief” on Crown Street in New Haven. I stare longingly at the shiny bottles of wine and wonder if you can imbibe while covering a stemmed goblet in a brown paper bag and keep your yuppie cred…?

The big bang theory

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nh-coliseum-implosion2.gifNew Haven, one of the first planned cities in the U.S., experienced a little urban planning earlier this year. On the edge of the original nine squares of the City, the architectually famous, New Haven Coliseum met its maker on January 20, 2007. Photographer Bill O’Brien shared this descriptive photo with The United Illuminating Company.

March 6, 2007

A Sentinel to the Past

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amistad-001.gifWorking on my capstone project for my interactive media writing course I braved the snow and icy winds to run next door to New Haven’s City Hall building to take some photographs of the Amistad Memorial. Standing in the swirling snow I wondered what the captives from the tropical country Sierra Leone thought of their first snow storm and the variability of Connecticut’s weather. I can’t imagine spending several years in a 19th century jail, in a strange land, and most likely without light, heat, or hope.

The audio script I composed for this week’s project sums it up

– Narrator –

The Amistad Revolt

New Haven’s most lasting legacy

Standing in front of city hall and as a sentinel to the past

The Amistad memorial embodies the desire of enslaved people everywhere WITH THE PLEA “Make Us Free”

This memorial tells the story of captured slaves who, in the late Eighteen thirties, were tried for murder and piracy in New Haven’s Federal Courthouse

But, the only story they had to tell was that they just wanted to go BACK home

February 28, 2007

The Burger Takes Center Stage

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I visited Louis Lunch for their world famous hamburger on Ash Wednesday, of all days. For those raised Catholic, Ash Wednesday means eating no meat, only fish. Well, I forgot. I dragged a coworker to go to Louis with me. We went at 1:30, supposedly after the lunch rush. Well forget about it. The place was packed. The “joint” is only about 9×12, so having people spilling out into the street was expected. There was quite an eclectic mix of people, kids, parents, construction workers, office workers, a minister (I’m assuming he wasn’t a Catholic priest since it was Ash Wednesday), teenagers, you name it. It took a while to get the burgers. But it was hamburger in its purest form…toasted bread…big, fat burger…grilled onion. No condiments, no fixin’s, no fuss. Although a Cheese Whiz like product was available if you wanted a cheeseburger. No fries, just chips, and NO KETCHUP. Only ask for ketchup if you want to be abused. Definitely a place to go if you have a lot of time and you want to refill your quota of “character.”

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